Fees & Allocation

Fees and Other Allocation Inquiries.

What are the fees for this service?

Right now every Farm and Bank in Blk.Finance has a 10% Performance fee paid in the supplied asset. Additionally, Bond sales have a

How is Bond revenue allocated?

The Bond sales allocations will always vary but, we know for certain there will be three main functions these will go towards funding.
  • DAO Operations
  • DAO Investments
  • Staking Rewards

How are yield aggregator fees allocated?

The 10% Performance Fee, and in some farms/banks the deposit fee will be automatically allocated as described below.
  • 50% - Smart Treasury
  • 50% - DAO Operations
Half of the fees will be allocated to the DAO for operation costs. The other half will be allocated to the community treasury for DAO Investments and other incentives.