BLK Finance

The Reserve Currency and Yield Aggregator Arm of the The Black DAO
BLK Finance Protocol
Yield farming is hard. There are many projects offering high returns, but it's tough to know if they're sustainable or if they're projects you can trust. BLK Finance makes it easy for you to earn great compounding yields on your deposits. As an added bonus, you know that when using BLK Finance, the fees generated are going towards empowering economically deprived Black and African communities and social initiatives! We focus on supporting black enterprises and communities on our platform by earning revenue through various actions that contribute to Decentralized Finance markets. These actions include market bond sales, providing liquidity to DeFi projects, and offering funding to projects businesses through our Treasury.
The following are the key components of our product suite:‌
  • Bond Sales: Selling tokens at a variable discounted rate.
  • Staking - Stake BLKD tokens to earn a percentage of DAO revenue.
  • Earn - Liquidity Mining & Auto-Compounding Yield Strategies

Roadmap High Priority: Bonding & Staking Auto-Compounding Farms Donation Farming Mid Priority: DAO Investments Deflationary Tokenomics Bi-Annual Audits Wrapped Token Multi-chain Farms Low Priority: Exchange Listings NFT Launchpad Collateralized Stablecoin