Introduction to the Black DAO

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization Built to Fund Black-Owned Businesses, Creatives, and Initiatives.

A Pan-African Reserve Currency for the Digital Age "The World's First Blockchain-Based Organization for Communal Economics for the African diaspora. Earn interest on your Cryptocurrency Assets while participating in an online movement for collective financial freedom. We Fund Black and African-Owned Businesses, Creatives, and Initiatives." Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) DAOs are smart contracts that allow for the management and trust-less organization of communal organizations both virtual and otherwise. Anyone can make a proposal on anything they deem worthy to the group and anyone can vote on said proposal. For our ecosystem, funds are locked in the organization’s contract (treasury) and members collectively decide on how to use the funds to expand or develop. Contributors to the ecosystem earn governance tokens by yield farming, contributing code to the system through grants or bounties, or actively contributing to the group by providing data/business analytics, reports, and general assistance. Alternatively, tokens can also be purchased on the open market. The Smart Treasury The treasury acts as a pool of funds for currency rebasing, protocol maintenance, and DAO investments. Continuing the growth and reach of the DAO's economy and influence. Investments can be in the form of grants, loans, equity investment, or donations to Black businesses, creatives, or initiatives. The treasury is funded through protocol fees, bond sales, and investment initiatives approved by members. Blk Finance The yield aggregator and reserve currency protocol arm of the DAO. Users and members will be able to earn interest on their crypto through our yield farming, and token staking strategies while also contributing to the DAO's treasury through performance fees and bond sales.

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